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At Myopia Control Specialists, Dr. Scott Pearl and our entire Jacksonville optometry team are committed to providing advanced vision care in a professional and comfortable environment. As an optometrist in Jacksonville, our ONLY eye care service is helping to slow the increase in Myopia in children

Myopia Control Programs

OK (Orthokeratology):

OK utilizes special shaping contact lenses to gently alter the front curvature of the first five cell layers of the eye. This lens is only worn at night, so your child does not need glasses or contacts during their waking hours. Studies have shown the resulting curvature from OK reduces the progression of myopia by discouraging the lengthening of the eye.

Low Dose Atropine Therapy:

Atropine is an eye medication drop that is frequently used for the diagnosis of certain eye disorders and to treat crossed eyes. Studies have found it is also beneficial in the control of myopia. Some of the side effects of Atropine are light sensitivity and the need for bifocals. Low dose Atropine therapy for myopia control eliminates most of these unpleasant side effects. The drops are administered daily in each eye and your child is evaluated every few months.

Dual Focus Soft Contact Lenses:

These lenses have corrections for both distance and near objects. The design of the lens is like a donut with the center portion for distance and the outside ring for near. It is the ring of near power that helps control the area of the eye that is responsible for the progression of myopia. These lenses are worn during waking hours.

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